Frequently asked questions

Is there a fee associated with your service?
There is no fee to become a mentor. Apprentices, however, incur a fee based on a fee schedule chosen by their mentors for their services (or advice). There is no charge for advice given by new mentors. New mentors’ advice is free for the first two instances, and then they can begin charging after that.
How long does the mentorship last?
The relationship is “at will” – lasting for as long as the apprentice wishes to engage their mentor in asking for advice and the mentor agrees to reciprocate with an answer.
How many mentors may I engage with at once?
You may interact with as many mentors as you wish. We do not restrict you to a particular number.
Which industries do you cover with respect to mentorships?
Over 140 industries are represented:
1 Accounting
2 Airlines/Aviation
3 Alternative Dispute Resolution
4 Alternative Medicine
5 Animation
6 Apparel & Fashion
7 Architecture & Planning
8 Arts and Crafts
9 Automotive
10 Aviation & Aerospace
11 Banking
12 Biotechnology
13 Broadcast Media
14 Building Materials
15 Business Supplies and Equipment
16 Capital Markets
17 Chemicals
18 Civic & Social Organization
19 Civil Engineering
20 Commercial Real Estate
21 Computer & Network Security
22 Computer Games
23 Computer Hardware
24 Computer Networking
25 Computer Software
26 Construction
27 Consumer Electronics
28 Consumer Goods
29 Consumer Services
30 Cosmetics
31 Dairy
32 Defense & Space
33 Design
35 E-Learning
34 Education Management
36 Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing
37 Entertainment
38 Environmental Services
39 Events Services
40 Executive Office
41 Facilities Services
42 Farming
43 Financial Services
44 Fine Art
45 Fishery
46 Food & Beverages
47 Food Production
48 Fund-Raising
49 Furniture
50 Gambling & Casinos
51 Glass, Ceramics & Concrete
52 Government Administration
53 Government Relations
54 Graphic Design
55 Health, Wellness and Fitness
56 Higher Education
57 Hospital & Health Care
58 Hospitality
59 Human Resources
60 Import and Export
61 Individual & Family Services
62 Industrial Automation
63 Information Services
64 Information Technology and Services
65 Insurance
66 International Affairs
67 International Trade and Development
68 Internet
69 Investment Banking
70 Investment Management
71 Judiciary
72 Law Enforcement
73 Law Practice
74 Legal Services
75 Legislative Office
76 Leisure, Travel & Tourism
77 Libraries
78 Logistics and Supply Chain
79 Luxury Goods & Jewelry
80 Machinery
81 Management Consulting
82 Maritime
83 Market Research
84 Marketing and Advertising
85 Mechanical or Industrial Engineering
86 Media Production
87 Medical Devices
88 Medical Practice
89 Mental Health Care
90 Military
91 Mining & Metals
92 Motion Pictures and Film
93 Museums and Institutions
94 Music
95 Nanotechnology
96 Newspapers
97 Non-Profit Organization Management
98 Oil & Energy
99 Online Media
100 Outsourcing/Offshoring
101 Package/Freight Delivery
102 Packaging and Containers
103 Paper & Forest Products
104 Performing Arts
105 Pharmaceuticals
106 Philanthropy
107 Photography
108 Plastics
109 Political Organization
110 Primary/Secondary Education
111 Printing
112 Professional Training & Coaching
113 Program Development
114 Public Policy
115 Public Relations and Communications
116 Public Safety
117 Publishing
118 Railroad Manufacture
119 Ranching
120 Real Estate
121 Recreational Facilities and Services
122 Religious Institutions
123 Renewables & Environment
124 Research
125 Restaurants
126 Retail
127 Security and Investigations
128 Semiconductors
129 Shipbuilding
130 Sporting Goods
131 Sports
132 Staffing and Recruiting
133 Supermarkets
134 Telecommunications
135 Textiles
136 Think Tanks
137 Tobacco
138 Translation and Localization
139 Transportation/Trucking/Railroad
140 Utilities
141 Venture Capital & Private Equity
142 Veterinary
143 Warehousing
144 Wholesale
145 Wine and Spirits
146 Wireless
147 Writing and Editing
How do I begin my mentorship?
Sign up here, select a mentor based on your career goals. If the mentor agrees to accept, you then begin your mentorship
How may I cancel a mentorship?
To cancel, simply cease asking for advice. Mentors cannot proactively reach out to apprentices. Apprentices must reach out to a mentor first.
Does a mentorship revolve around a set schedule?
Each mentor guarantees a specific response turnaround time, which is stated on their profile
What if I don’t get along with my mentor? May I change mentors?
Yes, simply search for another mentor through the Search function.
How can I learn more about my mentor?
Every mentor has a profile that can be viewed and displayed. Each profile consists of various pieces of information, such as: title, profession, work history, reviews, their location, and advice turnaround response time.
What are the minimum requirements for mentors?
Each mentor needs to reflect appropriate experienced in their field, with at least 5 years of solid experience / job track record.
How can I become a mentor?
Sign up here. You must have at least 5 years of experience in a certain profession. Everything will be verified. HowSuccessful may also reach out and ask for an updated online profile and/or resume
Can I refer someone to become a mentor?
This option is not yet available. We will advise when this has been built into the site.
How can I refer someone to one of your mentors?
(Is there a refer button that will allow me to email their profile?)
Mentors may share their howsuccessful profile through Facebook or Linkedin or via separate email addresses.
Please use our FAQ section to find answers to general questions about HowSuccessful