Using the knowledge acquired by your mentor is just plain smart.

It gives promotion-grabbing traction to your career, whether you just got your diploma, or you've plateaued after five years in the workplace.

Okay, now what

HowSuccessful Mentors and You

Work with a mentor on a single issue, or schedule regular meet-ups to keep you and your career on track.

Change mentors as often as you like, and bring together two mentors from different spheres to provide guidance and advice with your specific needs.

HowSuccessful mentors are authorities in their fields and eager to pass on information to those entering the industry.

Mentor Flexibility

Work with a mentor on your schedule, and to meet your specific needs. You set the goals, while, together, you and your mentor develop strategies to achieve those goals.

Handle a quick challenge, or get caught up every month or two your mentors adapt to your schedule, your needs, and your objectives.

Develop Your Own Syllabus

Provide your mentor with an outline of the knowledge and information you need NOW! Give your mentor a few days to develop a program that fits your syllabus and delivers favorable outcomes long- and short-term.

You decide what needs to be done by your mentor.

Career Transition Help

The days of working for the same company for 40 years and getting a gold watch at retirement are long gone. On average, each of us will hold six jobs during our careers.

Your mentor can help transition your current skills into the knowledge base your new employer is looking for. Increase the likelihood of landing a better job by doing a better job transitioning thanks to your mentor.

Miss the Missteps

Do you know how easy it is for your career to implode? A couple of bad quarters, or a few costly mistakes and your employer kicks you to the curb. Done.

A good mentor knows how to navigate to avoid career mistakes or mistakes that keep you from moving up the success ladder.

Look, if your mentor identifies a potentially dangerous business or career move, you can't put a price on avoiding costly mistakes.

Hire a Business Mentor

Mentors aren't just for employees who want to succeed more quickly.

A mentor who's worked in your business sphere can help in lots of ways. These long-time professionals have extensive networks that you can draw on, they've made the costly mistakes you can avoid, and they've grown a business or a career just like you're doing now.

Experience is the best teacher and HowSuccessful mentors have experience.


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