You’ve worked hard, and for a long time. You know how things operate in your business sphere.

You’ve made mistakes. Bold innovators make a lot of mistakes and learn from every misstep. You’ve set objectives and met them. You’ve taken the initial steps to either find the right company for your skill set, or move up the success ladder with your current employer.

What makes you a Successful Mentor?

You’ve done it, whatever “it” is.

You’re an industry insider with years of accumulated knowledge and experience. That knowledge and experience has value to recent graduates, business owners, entrepreneurs, middle-level managers “stuck in neutral,” professionals transitioning to a new career path, active retirees – anybody looking for a slot in the workplace.

HowSuccessful provides all the tools you need to create mutually-beneficial relationships with professionals in your business realm eager to learn from you. These visionaries recognize that your business wisdom increases career traction, and moves them up the success ladder.

Start by Creating Your Profile

Post a short bio of yourself and/or company but quickly turn the text to the benefits others receive when they hire you as a mentor.

List areas of expertise, diplomas, accreditations, licenses, and certifications.

Add compelling benefits to hiring you as a mentor like “access to VC capital” – something of interest to many small business owners looking to move one or two levels up – like NOW!

Post some helpful articles that (1) show you can write, and (2) demonstrate industry authority. HowSuccessful mentors know their industries from the inside.

Set Your Rate

Let’s face it, some information is more valuable than other information. If you’re a highly-specialized professional in a narrow employment vertical, the people who read your profile, and the feedback you receive from previous clients, recognize the value of learning from a “been-there” mentor.

List Awards and Citations

Teacher of the Year, class valedictorian, a summa cum laude under your name on that diploma, Platinum Tier Sales Leader. You worked hard to earn recognition. Use it to gain the recognition of potential mentees who want what you have: experiential knowledge.

Provide links to other sites where prospects can learn more about you. Add a link to your LinkedIn profile, or your publications. Create clear authority and understanding of your field.

HowSuccessful Partners With You for Success

We provide the information you need to achieve your professional or personal objectives as a HowSuccessful mentor.

A simple syllabus template, a sample lesson plan, tips and suggestions on delivering more value to your clients. Regular updates by email or text. We work with you every step of the way to deliver the best outcomes for both you and your clients.

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