HowSuccessful Do
YOU Want to Be?

Is it all about the big paycheck and luxury car? Is it about building a personal empire or businesses worldwide? Is it about taking control of your own life, your own future, and just how much success you can take to the bank?

Or, is success something different to you. Making a difference in the lives of others, helping others, or just making your business neighborhood a better neighborhood to conduct business.

At HowSuccessful, we move you forward faster with the insider knowledge only available in real world scenarios.

Browse the profiles of our mentors. Read the list of accomplishments each has made. Read reviews from long-time business associates and others who were helped by the mentor under consideration.

Talk to Your Mentor

At HowSuccessful, we encourage mentors and their protégés to talk to each other in order to find the best fit to suit your career and business needs.

Prepare a list of questions about what’s important to you in the next phase of your career. If you just graduated, getting a job in your field of choice is a very good answer. That’s what every new graduate wants, whether graduating from a university or career college.

Landing your first job is a critical step in long-term career success. A job is a job. A series of jobs in related fields, showing your professional growth and expertise, often charts the course of your career. You may never have envisioned yourself brokering business insurance coverage, but if you get a job doing just that, your next job might be Sales Manager at a larger company.

A talk with someone who’s been where you are now is invaluable. No, it’s not a “how-to” plan to get ahead in your career. You do that every day. Instead, when you talk to someone who’s been there, done that, you gain real world experiential knowledge that others don’t and won’t have.

Develop Your List of Topics

You learned the ivory tower basics in school. What’s it like when you’re grinding it out daily? What should you do in THIS situation? Is this the right person for your new hire?

At HowSuccessful, our mentors bring with them decades of real world experience – the experience only available down in the mud where business grappling frequently takes place.

How to read a contract? How to use body language? Who’s got the best price points among local distributors? How much has your company grown in the past 12 months? 24 months? Your mentor will help put the pieces together.

If you’re a recent grad with that diploma on the wall, you want specific answers on landing a job with the potential to grow professionally. If you’ve been in the workplace, and you’ve plateaued at Assistant Regional Sales Manager, why? Why are you stuck at this level?

HowSuccessful mentors are long-timers in a spectrum of industries and professions. Business owners and managers, medical professionals, sales and marketing professionals who understand how to move ahead to build a career – a series of jobs that propel you higher up the success ladder.

Define Success for You

If the only definition you have is a “big paycheck” start there. If you want to “help others” you move in a different direction. Each of us has a different definition of professional success – and it’s more than just a paycheck.

In our culture, what you do often defines your place in society’s “pecking order.” Status is an element of why people accept one job and not another. Some want to be little fish in a big pond; others want to be a big fish in any pond.

Your objectives and goals aren’t unique, but that doesn’t diminish their importance. We all want a better life for ourselves and loved ones. We all want to enjoy the self-esteem and confidence that a job well done delivers.

What do you want? Lots of money? A big house? The satisfaction of helping others? Something in between? Only you can decide what your next step is. Your HowSuccessful mentor will provide professional experience and the knowledge that comes with it to ensure that your business objectives are achievable…and here’s how.

HowSuccessful: Not a Life Coach, a Success Coach or a Career Coach

HowSuccessful is different. You don’t do what we recommend; we listen to your professional objectives to design a strategy that will achieve those objectives faster.

We do what you direct us to do. If you need an updated resume, our mentors know how to get your resume in the Interview stack instead of the trash bin.

If you’ve been passed over (several times) for a promotion and a raise, we’ll dig in a little deeper to find out why. Your mentor will help you navigate the treacherous terrain of the business world. In fact, many of our highly-experienced mentors offer their experience free because they want to pay it forward. Someone helped them when they started out or plateaued, now they want to help you.

Take a Look Around

Browse the profiles of HowSuccessful mentors. Read the reviews left by others. Find the right fit for your professional needs and make that call.

Talk to someone who knows exactly what needs to be done because she was in a similar situation 15 years ago. Real world experience is not like classroom experience, or even intern experience. Real world involves confidence, knowledge of the “game” and an actionable strategy to get you from Point A to Point B.

What’s in it For Mentors?

Some mentors charge a fee, others are retired professionals who simply want to help the next generation. Some want the prestige of being a mentor – it’s a valuable credential in many business realms. Others are grooming younger people to take a job with that mentor’s company.

Mentors help others for many different reasons, but from your perspective, you want real world input and best outcomes starting NOW!

The Deal

Start by finding the right person – the right mentor – as you review mentor profiles.

Contact information is available for every mentor. Start by sending an email asking for a few minutes to discuss your mentoring needs. Both you and the mentor will figure out, very quickly, if this is a good “fit.”

There’s no charge to talk to a HowSuccessful mentor. These long-time players in the game want to help you. It’s rewarding, and chances are, you and your mentor will keep in touch even after your initial engagement ends. You make a new business friend when you hire a HowSuccessful Mentor.

It’s easy, confidential, and free. You’re a click away from adding a little nitro to your career search, or a quicker climb up the ladder. Hit the gas with the help of a mentor and get an edge over all the others racing after the same good jobs. Let’s talk today.